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Lavender Steam Eye Goggles (5pcs= box)

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Description :

  • Using thin soft material , closely fit on eye and cover eyes comfortably .
  • Can release about 40 ℃ moist steam , continuous steam for 10-15 minutes , moist and warm your eyes, adequate relief dry eyes, soreness, eye fatigue, and give you a relaxing experience.
  • Easy and convenient to carry, particularly suitable for working long hours , learning or in front of computer, let your eyes enjoy the steam- bath , liberated from tension and emotional exhaustion .

Ingredients :

non-woven cotton , activated carbon, and other heat -absorbent resin matrix , lavender extract.

Direction for use :

1. Recommend to use MarySharon Queen Eye Essence before the steam eye mask, massage until completely absorbed.
2. Open the package and use it immediately.
3. Hang the elastic band on the ears.
4. Close your eyes when using, relax for 10-15 minutes until there is no heat sensation, then remove it.
5. After using the eye mask , recommend to use the MarySharon Queen Eye Essence again to enhance the effect!

Before sleep, while nap, travelling, relax, after long use of computer and handphone, after a long journey of driving or travelling, after long period of studying or working .


  • Don’t use if have eye disease , inflammation, or eye scratches , swelling, eczema and other abnormalities.
  • Ffor sensitive skin who feel that the temperature is too high, stop using.
  • If inclusion fall into the eyes, wash immediately, if abnormal discomfort, consult an ophthalmologist.
  • This steam eye mask cannot be used in conjunction with normal eye mask , etc., don’t heat by microwave .
  • Stop using it immediately if allergic reaction occurs. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Store in room temperature.
  • This product can only be used once, cannot re-use. No adverse effects on the environment.


产品特点 :

◎携带方便,随时随地可以使用,特别适合在长时间 工作、学习、上网之后,让疲劳的双眼享受蒸汽热浴,使眼睛和情绪从紧张疲惫中得以解放。

产品成分 :


使用方法 :

  1. 建议先使用美丽誓颜女王重现睡眠眼精华涂抹于眼周,按摩至完全吸收。
  2. 撕开包装,取出后眼罩便开始发热,随之产生蒸汽,撕开包装后请即刻使用。
  3. 请将中间的松紧带挂在耳朵上。
  4. 使用时请闭上双眼,放松精神,热度坚持10-15分钟左右,直至无热感,即可取下眼罩。
  5. 用完眼罩后,建议再次使用美丽誓颜女王重现睡眠眼精华再次涂抹使用,效果更佳。

注意事项 :