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Makeup Remover Spray (50ml) Cleanser

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MarySharon MakeUp Remover Hydrating Spray

Gentle Beauty Make-Up Minus The Oil - 100ml
Using mild-tearless eye drops formulation which is similar to the human tear’s PH. With multi-protection with botanical plants extracts which are able to remove eyes, lips and face make-up effectively, without the need to rub and is irritant-free. The special mild & gentle formulation tested by ophthalmologist will not damage the skin but protects our skin perfectly.
The six key advantages:
1. Fast remover ? Able to remove face make-up effectively with just a light spray onto the face. Wipe it gently with facial cotton without any emulsification.
2. Washing without water ? Fast and convenient and do not require rinsing off. Besides, it brightens our skin instantly.
3. Strong cleansing agent.? Just a spray to remove all the stubborn make-up easily and completely.
4. Oil-free, mild & gentle? It is mild and gentle, safe and oil-free which is suitable for all skin types.
5. Travel-friendly? With its special packaging of 100ml water-liquid design, it is suitable for long-term hassle-free business trip.
6. Zero-irritation and extraordinary mild & gentle qualities? With its extraordinary mild-gentle qualities and 100% safe, it is great for contact lens user with no irritations.  


Water, butylene glycol, hot water, Poria (PORIA COCOS) extract, tripeptide -1 copper, Bo that special Spirulina (SPIRULINA PLATENSIS) Extract, PEG-20 glyceryl laurate, decaglycerin laurate, bisabolol, sodium hyaluronate, trehalose, of hydroxyacetophenone allantoin, EDTA disodium, ethyl hexyl glycerin, parfum

Usage direction:
Spray on the facial cotton and wipe the make-up off or spray onto the face about 20cm distance and wipe the make-up off with facial cotton afterwards.

Precautions: Result may vary with different individual, stop using it immediately if allergic reaction occurs.Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Store in room temperature.

Volume: 100ml



温柔之美 妆容不油
⊙卸妆快 - 只需往脸部轻轻一喷,再用化妆棉轻轻一擦,无须乳化,即可有效卸除脸部彩妆。
⊙免水洗 - 方便快捷,无须水洗。卸妆后轻轻擦拭,肌肤即现光泽透亮。
⊙卸妆能力强 - 无论眼唇,脸部,只需轻轻一喷,再顽固的彩妆也完全卸掉。
⊙温和不油 - 不含油分,适合各种不同肤质,安全温和不刺激。
⊙易携带 - 适合长期出差,特制100ml卸妆水,安全携带,助你旅行无负担。
⊙温和零刺激 - 适合佩戴隐形眼镜人士,温和配方,完全零伤害。

成分:水、丁二醇、温泉水、茯苓(PORIA COCOS)提取物、三肽-1 铜、勃那特螺旋藻(SPIRULINA PLATENSIS)提取物、PEG-20 甘油月桂酸酯、聚甘油-10 月桂酸酯、红没药醇、透明质酸钠 、海藻糖、对羟基苯乙酮、尿囊素、EDTA 二钠 、乙基己基甘油、香精。